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The Iron Fish Distillery located in Thompsonville, Michigan is supporting the Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative by offering a line of farm distilled whiskeys that provide a significant donation toward the reintroduction effort. These special release whiskeys are focused on the successful reintroduction of the iconic Michigan grayling and feature gorgeous labels with arctic grayling as provided by artist Dani Knoph. "The story of Michigan's lost Grayling is now a comeback story - full of hope, challenge, science, and partnership." said Knoph. "Restoring Michigan's wild Grayling encourages us to learn from the past, evaluate the present and define the future. From Montana and Alaska to Michigan, many people are caring for this native species. It gives me hope. It's the Native American Seventh Generation Principle at work."

To learn more about Iron Fish Distillery's product line supporting the Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative, please visit the website of Iron Fish Distillery.

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