Arctic Grayling Action Plan Announced

The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative Action Plan has been completed by compiling each core team's goals and objectives, sending the document out for review by the partnership and incorporating the comments and edits proposed. The Action Plan is the result of multiple meetings of the partners where ideas, questions and information gaps were identified and then condensed into four main focus areas. These areas consist of research, management, fish production and outreach and education. The Action Plan was officially presented at the Natural Resources Commission meeting held in Lansing on Thursday, July 13. Both DNR and LRBOI representatives were on hand to share details.

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The Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, announced a proposed initiative in June 2016 that aims to bring back an extirpated species to the state – Arctic grayling.  The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative seeks to establish self-sustaining populations of this species throughout its historical range in Michigan. The initiative has more than 50 partners collaborating on the reintroduction.

The next steps include identifying interest and abilities of partners, collecting baseline data, initiating the building of broodstock and stocking efforts. The Manistee River watershed, once known as a premier grayling river, will be the first location for reintroduction.

The DNR will work closely with partners as the proposed Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative moves forward. The Little River Band, located in Manistee County, has been engaged in extensive research for potential grayling reintroduction for several years.

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