Restoring a Michigan Native
Arctic grayling thrived in Northern Michigan's coldwater streams until the onset of the 20th Century. Fishermen and wildlife enthusiasts visited destinations such as the Au Sable River in Grayling for this iridescent fish. But by the 1930s, three factors contributed to the grayling's demise: habitat destruction, unregulated harvest and predation/competition from non-native fish species. The local extinction of this wild fish was a tragic loss for Michigan. View this recent documentary as created by students at Troy Athens High School, their work and dedication to this effort is appreciated now and for generations to come.

Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative documentary film


More than 50 partners are on a mission to restore self-sustaining populations of Arctic grayling within its historical range in Michigan.
On this website discover how partners are working together to bring grayling back home to Michigan.